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Hi, I'm Sara!

Broken Road Farm is dedicated to celebrating 4 of my greatest passions: family, animals, small businesses, and community. 


Our immediate family is made up of my husband Greg and I, 2 daughters (Maddie June and Letty Jane) and a little boy on the way in the Spring (Mason David)!  My husband and I were born and raised in California.

My Mother was born in Houston Texas and raised in Galveston and Surfside Texas.  She made it a point to continuously bring us to Texas to visit our extended family’s farms and ranches and that is where my dream of owning a farm someday began.  Watching my great grandmother I was in awe. She was a tiny adorable old lady that was also the strongest woman I’ve met. Her and my grandma were angels to me in such different ways. My grandpa in his cowboy boots and hat, driving me in the pickup and taking me on adventures was invaluable. He was a southern Baptist minister and he was magical to me. His cologne, his love for Certs mints and his stories will be with me forever. Mainly what I took from my Texas visits was that I respected and wanted that life one day, just a dream but it stuck.

My Ancestors came to Texas in the early 1800s from Germany and some of them were Wendish from

Lusatia.  Crossing the ocean on the Ben Nevis, they settled in the Serbin and Winchester, Texas area as farmers.  My Great Grandmother lived in Winchester, Texas and was a testament to the long life of happiness when you get your hands dirty on the land.  She was her happiest when pulling yard long green beans from the garden and throwing watermelon rinds over the fence to the cows as a special treat.  Picking Mustang Grapes and making jelly and juice was her specialty along with Wendish Noodles! 


Farmer Greg has less of a farming background and this was all a new passion to him …with a gentle push from me of course. Though in 1997 at the age 67 his grandpa moved to Oregon from CA and started an Alpaca farm, Benvenuti Farm. They made money by stud services and breeding. At the most they had 70 alpacas but generally around 40. Greg was 14 so he definitely has fond memories of his visits and got a sample of that sweet life. I got the chance to meet a few of his last pets and I of course was in heaven.

We are pumped to have our children getting the opportunity to have those dirty hands and faces. They help with the animals and have ample frolicking and play space here on the farm. Our greatest joy is watching them and sharing the life we are so grateful to get.

Farm Animals

The animals we raise on the farm are a collection of mini and unique breeds of chickens, cows, pigs, donkeys and goats.  A combination of my dream animals and my rescues--it’s a glorious bunch. I know I am a bit biased, but I think our collection is the cutest!! You can see their pictures and info in the “Meet the animals” section.


Small Businesses

I am committed to supporting small, locally owned businesses and makers whenever I am a consumer.  My real joy comes in finding ways to take our individual businesses into collaborations that give us each a better reach for purchasers of our goods and services.  Makers Markets and Social Media features and shares to our ever increasing followers makes us each stronger… together!



That is what Broken Road Farm is all about.  Creating a Community bringing all of our passions together!  Family, Farm Animals and Local Businesses, gathering, celebrating, and enjoying each other.  We look forward to you joining in with the Broken Road Farm journey!


Greg & Sara


Maddie & Letty

Meet the Farmers
Meet the Animals




We have a mix of miniature cows. The Miniature Highland cow was a dream pet of mine for years. I am so grateful for our little herd! (If we only had highlands they’d be called a fold not a herd though). We have introduced Mini HighParks ( Highland/Whitepark). We will be introducing other small breeds in the future as well. Let me introduce you to our OG line up and our breeding pets.


ELVIS - The king of the ranch of course. He’s a dunn colored Mini Highland Bull. He’s the most docile and friendly bull I’ve ever met. We have a special bond and I love brushing his luscious locks.

REBA & DOLLY - Reba is our red head and Dolly is our blond. We got them at the same time around 1 year old. They were not tame or docile to say the least. They are around 2 years old now and after a few months of love, patience and treats in the beginning they are now different cows! Beautiful ladies that are now over 2 years old and both bred to Elvis right now! Due in April of 2022.

ROSEANNE - She is our 7 year old HighPark black and white beauty. She was bred with Elvis and gave us our first calf on the farm. A little adorable red heifer named Lucy. Roseanne is not too friendly which is why we named her Roseanne (TV show). She is a fantastic mother though and that is a great thing in the breeding world.

ETHEL - Our Highpark calf. She’s black and white as well and was tame and docile when we got her from a fabulous breeder. She’s about 7 months and is an adorable addition to the ladies.


We have a mix of registered and unregistered Nigerian dwarf goats. A few we purchased but most are rescues that needed a new home. I adore these little goats and watching them frolic. Each one has a story, ask me about them when you visit! We recently added Neo, a male to our herd (a buck). So expect some baby goats (kids) in the next year! The others are Dwayne “the goat” Johnson and Butters, two male goats that are castrated (wethers). The ladies are Olive, Peanut, Lark, Pip, Sisu and Raya.



Our first pets on the farm! Two rescue donkeys from a sanctuary. They definitely were not tame and it took some work to get them where they are today. They don’t love snuggles but do love taking treats from you and face pets time to time. They may be Greg’s favorite animals here. They roll in the dirt, play and run around with each other. Definitely fun to watch. JERRY is a 3 year old castrated male donkey (gelding). ELAINE is a female around 5 year old (Jenny).


LUIGI - Our 2 year old intact male donkey (Jack). He’s the smallest and cuddliest donkey I’ve met. He will be very much involved in our kids gatherings and creative events.


A glorious trio of misfits. GEORGE is a white with black spots on his hips potbelly rescue. CHARLOTTE, a female little potbelly/ Hampshire mix. GOLDIE, a Kune Kune female that is the leader of the 3. They are super entertaining waddling around and of course rolling in the mud.



Life on the Farm
Our Animals
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