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We love to create community gatherings that can bring people together in an exciting social setting. Kids, adults, families and friends. Our farm has something for all ages. My goal is for you to feel like you're at your friend's backyard--the coolest backyard you've ever been to.


April 15th & 16th | 2:00-5:00 PM

We are transforming the farm into a carnival for all to enjoy! Come relax, feed the animals and play some awesome and nostalgic games. Of course there are prizes, food, desserts, game area, photo area and adorable farm animals including our highland cows.

  • 10+ carnival games geared for kids and youth

  • Game area for older kids and adults featuring cornhole, Connect 4,
    "bull" roping and more

  • Carnival style food, beverages and desserts, from local vendors

  • Farm store with local made goods and small business collaborations

Limited tickets available in our Shop



May 6th & 7th



Coming soon:

Broken Road Farm Stays!
Stay here at the farm and frolic with our gorgeous creatures. Different packages will be available to customize your stay as to how hands on you want to get. Want to wake up and have coffee with cows? No problem! Want to get dirty and be a Farmer/Farmher for a day? Heck yes you can.

Stay tuned for the launch of Broken Road Farm Stays!

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