Broken Road Farm

"Not just a Farm, It's an Adventure"

The Rest of the Barnyard

We have a variety of different animals on our little farm.  We enjoy raising our own food.  We know how our animals are being cared for and that they are free from steroids and harmful growth hormones.  We have lamb summer sausage, bratwursts, etc.  We also raise our own beef and turkey.  There are are so many advantages to doing this over buying it in the store.  

We have 4 mini donkeys - Chloe, Molly, Jackson, and Howdy.  We are really enjoying them!  They are very loving and sweet.  They just love getting attention - almost as much as the kids love giving it.


We have been raising White broadbreasted turkeys the last couple of years.  We did very well last year at the fair, with both a Champion and Reserve Champion.  We are so excited about our latest endeavor.  They have been so fun to raise and of course, we did it all natural - no steroids, etc.  We know we are raising healthy birds for friends and family to enjoy at Thanksgiving.  Our White Broad Breasted Toms have grown to 60 lbs with a finished weight of 44-46 lbs.  That is a very big Thanksgiving turkey! 

This year we are started our own flock of Narraganset Turkeys.  We have two breeding pair and hope to start hatching out their eggs this spring.  They are a smaller turkey with really beautiful coloring.  We are looking forward to this latest endeavor!